FINAL: Not For Medical Use

Title: Not For Medical Use

Artist: Leslie Ewen

Completion Date: 3/15/15

Place of Creation: San Diego

Style: video

Technique: youtube video editor

Material: every image and scan taken during my father’s cancer


I wanted to make a movie using all the images of my father’s brain scans during his cancer treatment. All the images were taken during his cancer treatment at UCIRVINE. Over 25,000 images compiled into a sequential series of images. By uploading all the images into a video format it is possible to watch the evolution of his illness unfold. It also conveys my personal feelings though an artistic expression. A period of hypnotic confusion. The text “not for medical use” a disclaimer that is printed on almost every image I felt further reinforced the theme for this course involving the overlapping of science art and technology. The human need to categorize and compartmentalize data in order to understand and communicate its importance. The human need to reconcile to digest and attempt to understand things that are not so easily understood.

Leslie Ewen


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