Final Project

Wei-Yin, Cheng


VIS 159/ICAM 150 Final, Winter 2015

Mar. 17, 2015

Title: Dive In

Artist: Wei- Yin, Cheng

Completion Date: Mar. 16th. 2015

Style: Collage of found footage

Technique: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Material: found footage

Link to documentation of piece:


        Dive In, an immersive interactive virtual- reality installation, is inspired by the artist Char Davies. In Davies’s virtual- reality piece, Osmose(1995), she created a space for users to explore the perceptual interplay between self and the world. She quoted Gaston Bachelard in The Poetics of Space “By changing space, by leaving the space of one’s usual sensibilities, one enters into communication with a space that is psychically innovating. … For we do not change place, we change our nature.” The concept of space that she applied to her work is fascinating and thought provoking. Therefore, Dive In is a visual presentation of how I would want my participants to experience in the space.

The users would first be wearing a vest that is attached to a machine that imitates a parachute, which creates a sense of full body immersion. It will first lift the users to 1 to 1.5 meters above the ground along with the 3D visual presentation. The parachute would pull up and down half to 1 meter to create a realistic sensation of dive in and out. The breathing sound along with the experience will be drawn and amplified  from the participants’ breathing.

The participants would first see the ocean they are diving in but soon they will encounter “tunnels” that are in our own bodies. The visual switches back and forth between the body and the ocean to create sense of availability to travel anywhere within our body, galaxy and the ocean. Through rapidly switching the scenes, I got feedback from the viewers just basing on how they feel after watching the clip. They shared that they experienced the out of body experience during the clip.

I found it intriguing that our bodies and ocean are so similar in both conceptual and physical terms. Both body and ocean filled up mostly with water, lives and possibilities. Having the participants involved in the process of creating a life and becoming a newborn in the end, Dive In aspires to create a space for the participants to rediscover an aspect of themselves that they might have forgotten. Through making and collecting the footage for my visual presentation, even without physical experience how it would be presenting to people, I was moved by the found footage of how each of us is created and how lives are interconnected even with just the medium of water. I hope the actual installation of Dive In would be involved and be helpful in future field of education, meditation and physical therapy.


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