Final Project: Fractal HeArt

Title: Fractal HeArts

Artists: Chih-Wen Kuo (Wen) and Tzu-Hsien Yang (Anna)

Completion Date: March 15, 2015

Place of Creation: UCSD Media Lab

Style: Digital graphics and music

Technique: fractal processing, combine recordings

Material: Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Apophysis, Garageband, iStethoscope

Descriptive paragraph:

In this final project, Wen and I added fractal hearts onto our midterm project. We used the software, Apophysis, to create different kind of fractal hearts. Apophysis is a software that had been introduced by one of our classmates in the last lecture of the winter quarter. It is an interesting software that after you master it, you will enjoy using it to create many different and amazing fractals. Our main idea of this project is to let people feel the beauty of the natural of themselves. People do not usually pay attention on their heartbeats, but the beating of the heart is the most important element of our lives. By letting people have more interested in it, we added the electro-tech music to mix with our recorded heartbeats with the Garageband. It was quite interesting to play with all of the sound we used, to change the tone, speed, volume, pitch, tempo, and to mix with different types of the music with different instruments. We were originally planned to use the movement that made by Apophysis into our video, but it would not show the movement of the heart beat.

the movement that made by Apophysis will be like this on the below

Therefore, we saved the image we made by Apophysis and used the Photoshop to enlarge the heart in the central part. By placing the two size of the heart in the video, we made it look like these hearts are beating. In our video, there are many different fractal hearts with different color and many different type of the music. The reason of these different things was that we wanted to show that everyone is unique such as those heartbeats we had collected (each sound track is particular of the person).

I really enjoy doing all of these works with my group mate, we had lots of fun in the UCSD media lab while making this project, and I would like to do more interesting projects in the future!



↓Our Midterm Project↓



Tzu-Hsien Yang (Anna)


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