Final project: Fractals of Wu-Tian-molecule (further development of midterm project)

Title: Fractals of Wu-Tian-molecule

Artist: Tian Wu

Completion Date: March.17th 2015

Place of Creation: Home, on the laptop

Style: Photography and Photoshop Art

Genre: Self-portrait and graphic design

Technique: Photoshop

Material: Photography and Print


Zoom in :


Zoooooooom in:


As you can see, the core/origin of the fractals is the Wu-Tian-molecule.


For the final project, I decide to use fractals because I really like the duality of it: simplicity and complexity.

Fractals are defined as complicated patterns that are similar to each other at different perspectives and scales by simply doing a process over and over again repeatedly.

My final project is inspired by the traditional Buddhism belief that everything goes in cycle, including life and death(samsara),


and the digital as well as computer fractal arts I learned about in the lecture. Cycles of life and death go on and on until the person reaches nirvana, a state of ultimate calmness. When a person reaches nirvana, the cycles of life and death do not matter to him/her anymore because he/she has no desire but compassion for anything. Fractals are the perfect way I can use to reveal this traditional Buddhism belief since fractals also repeat itself almost endlessly. In addition to that, fractals are simple yet complicated, just like our daily life. Fractals are similar to each other overall but are not always the same, they might vary in sizes/positions/colors etc. Our daily life is similar to another day but are not always the same too, we might do different things but still every day sun rises up in the west and sets in the east.

The process of making this piece is very interesting. The process is I use photoshop to make the Wu-Tian-molecule as the fill pattern of the Photoshop and then I use it to fill the portrait of myself (manipulated and transformed to create the Wu-Tian-molecule for midterm). Then I repeatedly manipulated and transformed the new portrait of myself the same way I did for the midterm project and created another more complex Wu-Tian-molecule mutant. I thought I gonna simply repeat the process again and again but all of sudden I managed to jump out of this cycle. I suddenly realized that I could create new patterns by placing the original Wu-Tian-molecule right in the middle of the Wu-Tian-molecule mutant. In this way I achieved my temporary state of “nirvana” in creativity and avoided repeating my mid-term idea without pushing it further.  But still I had to repeat the same cycle of manipulation and transformation again, but with the new fill pattern I created.

The question I want to raise is very philosophical: does life really go in cycle? To me, the answer is certain: yes. Sun rises, sun sets. Quarter starts, quarter ends.

Tian Wu


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