Final Project

Title: “Natural”Integration

Artist: Elliot Yang

Date: March 16, 2015

Place of Creation: Home

Style: 3D

Genre: Geology, Architecture, Futurolog

Technique: Maya, Unity


My project is named “Natural” Integration, and it was created using the same tools as my midterm project; Maya and Unity.  I created the 3D Models and placed them into the engine to create this civilization within a volcano.  I built several structures that are within the volcano, to emulate a society that depends on geothermal energy.  The concept was formulated similarly from my midterm project.  It is another futurology related project, but instead of focusing on transgenic science, I put more emphasis on the location and cultural significance over function.  I was inspired by the discussion where we discussed different subject matters and galleries to post artworks.  I was in the “deep space” group, and saw a lot of different artists and art pieces related to space.  However, instead of making a space station or something cliched, I thought something that was more scientifically unique.  I created all the 3D Models in Maya and rendered them, and placed them all in Unity.  Textures were edited in Photoshop.

The project has three types of structures; the living quarters as rings that are attached to the walls of the volcano in the upper half, the main power source in the middle, and the generators at the bottom of the volcano.  The living quarters are self-explanatory, as they are located in the upper areas away from the heat.  The gigantic structure in the middle provides geothermal energy, which is connected to the generator in the bottom.  Technology integrated with natural energy has created a new type of civilization where people rely on a different energy source than fossil fuels.  It is creates less consequential environmental side effects.

Through my project, I wanted to emphasize how technology can be integrated with nature in a mutually beneficial relationship.  Usually, to acquiesce the needs for technology, large amounts of natural materials are consumed in order to sustain the demand.  Thus, since geothermal energy is a form of energy is more eco-friendly.

-Elliot Yang

Upper view of the whole society.

Lower view

Close up of the main power source.

A closer view of the upper levels of the volcano.

Another wider view of the whole structures.

the lava levels.


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