Sonic Solar System ver. 2

Title: Sonic Solar System ver. 2
Artist: Ben Breidenthal
Completion Date: March 17, 2015
Place of Creation: Laptop
Technique: Computer Programming/DSP
Material: Pure Data patch

Hey class! For my final I’ve been making refinements and upgrades on my midterm. While still incomplete, I thought it would still be nice to show my progress. For a basic description, see the original video in my Midterm post. For my final I have about 26 minutes of the program running on its own.

You’ll notice a different sonic quality to the overall piece, this is because I am using a different formulation for frequency modulation. There are also different pitches to give a wider range of sound. I also made it easy to change and add more planets, and you’ll hear a few very high pitched sounds that are the dwarf planets in our Solar System. The rest of the improvements are more to do with making the code more elegant and customizable.

So close your eyes, put on some headphones, and take a step out of the human experience and get into a different perspective on a different time line and hear what it’s like at the center of our Solar System. Thanks for a fun quarter everyone, looking forward to checking out all your final projects!!

-Ben Breidenthal


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