The Fractal: A Siren Technology

My final project consists of the awareness of a fractal and it really applies to all technologies and especially the ones which we so talked about in our class.

I believe it important to regard a human made creation as a tool. I believe in fact that most all products a human makes are to ease human living. We are after all only mammals trying to live a simpler life and we create our tools so that we can do so.

In my paper I did a small case study on fractals and specifically the history of it and how fractals are truly related to a vast amount of fields of research. When I say fractals are truly influential I feel as if it is not doing it justice. (if you have some time to spare give this paper a read to see how much Mandelbrot’s journey influenced not only mathematics, but finance, physics, and the sciences)

Indeed, the fractal structure is one that is very commonly found in nature. And if it weren’t for Mandelbrot it is unsure whether we would yet realize this. Now , other mathematicians before Mandelbrot had theorized of a fractal pattern, but it took for Mandelbrot’s way of thinking to actually recognize it as something that we could physically touch in nature. It thus became a higher theory that could describe ACTUAL natural phenomenon, it was more than just theory.


Now, the main argument I make in my paper is that the fractal has become so much less in popular culture. It has become a pretty sight and perhaps a couple of computer clicks away from making us bored. Then we move on. BUT what Mandelbrot championed was the spirit of a fractal that could help to describe the way we breathe, procreate and live in our everyday environment. The fractal was a tool that sought to explain the environment around us. It sought to inform and it sought to give us ease of understand. However, I believe that spirit has been lost.

This talk of fractals can be applied to many other occurrences. It may be a personal or a cultural system, but it is a pervasive system that we take tools such as fractals for granted. The trick is to become aware and to not let the tools be the end-all.


The caveat of the fractal is that its beauty elicits a part to become interested in it and thus it draws the attention of the viewer and hopefully if one is aware the spirit of the fractal can be renewed and the research of the naturally occurring phenomenon can be continued ad infinitum just as the fractal seeks to be.


-P. Jesus Diaz


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