Vis 159 Final Project – Surveillance

VIS 159/ICAN 150 Final, Winter 2015

TA: Stephanie Sherman

Title: Cryptic

Artist: David Wang, A08750356

Completion Date: 3/17/15

Place of Creation: Home on computer

Style: Game simulation

Genre: Surveillance art

Technique: Unity

Material: Unity, Mac, Youtube video editor

Link to documentation of piece:

“Cryptic” is meant to be commentary on current surveillance issues pertaining to the NSA, Snowden, and “Big Brother” in general. In this simulation, you will be both the user and “Big brother,” at the same time. You are able to control the player while observing the player through security cameras placed around the environment. The feeds from the security cameras are displayed in the top upper right of the screen. The room starts off displaying vibrant colors resembling a television set gone awry. When the player walks up the stairs, the environment changes to a series of one’s and zero’s. Upon looking closer, you can see the word “lol” embedded in the background. The wallpaper symbolizes the cryptic nature of government dealings with the public and a visualization of public data. The vibrant colors are a means of distraction for the unknowing public and symbolizes a lack of transparency. In the second room, data is seen everywhere along with a plate of “cookies” in the middle of the room. The cookies themselves resemble tracking across the web, which is now used more than ever in Big Data. This project portrays the importance of data in the hands of the government. There are many discussions supporting and rejecting government surveillance, though this project is meant to bring attention to the subject.

-David Wang A08750356


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